Woodhouse Chocolate 9 Year Anniversary

St. Helena

When walking through Main Street in St. Helena, it is impossible to miss Woodhouse Chocolate, a chocolate boutique created by proprietor John Anderson and chocolatier Tracy Anderson.

Woodhouse chocolates are shipped all over the country, under very strict guidelines, John added. “The time between the make and the sale of our chocolate is 38 hours and we tell people to consume our chocolates in 7 to 14 days.” All chocolates are shipped overnight or second business day. “A 1-month-old chocolate wouldn’t be as fresh and you wouldn’t like it. The reason our chocolate is better and different than most chocolates is that we make fresh Belgian style chocolate that has very short shelf life,” he said.

Luckily for residents of St. Helena, all they have to do is walk in the door. “St. Helena was always very supportive of us,” the proprietor said and to show their appreciation the town and its residents, they created a caramel delight named Helena’s. In addition, the couple supports local nonprofits whenever possible.

This time of the year holds sweet memories for the Andersons. The chocolate boutique first opened its doors in downtown St. Helena in April 2004.

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