our story

Passionately Napa

From an unforgettable introduction to becoming the luxury resource for highly personal, finely tuned getaways, we are a husband and wife team that never set out to fall hopelessly in love with Napa Valley.

But we did. At first sight.

New Yorkers from Queens, we knew absolutely nothing about the burgeoning California wine country.

After exhausting the local tourist attractions, we, newly transplanted west, headed up the coast, only to find ourselves entering a magical oasis—straight out of a fairy tale.

With no particular destination in mind, we set out under the bluest of skies, with an overflowing curiosity and an adventuress yearning waiting to unfold. As we descended deeper into the Valley with all of its majesty, little did we know how many others had already discovered the same sense of awe.

These new settlers, planted in Napa for life, had already begun to create some of the most finely appointed wines and opened some of the most revered restaurants the world over. With that, we officially deemed Napa Valley a shared passion with a promise to explore its every off road and grapevine.

Over the past 25 years, we have visited well over 200 wineries, hotels, restaurants, spas and attractions, re-visiting old establishments and discovering new favorites. We’ve built lasting friendships with people we’ve met along the way, and have turned our unique, “unlike any other” planning services brand into both a grand homecoming and a memorable, purely personal, passionate and meaningful experience for all.

Let our knowledge and love of Napa guide your way “home away from home.”